Sunday, February 14, 2010

UPDATE - Digital Lover 1

Sorry I know you guys have been waiting on these!
My water heater died in the studio and leaked water everywhere, lost a bunch of work (note: NEVER store art on the floor - ALWAYS elevate!) cleaning that up and getting the landlord to replace it killed the last three weeks. That and temps up here in Massachusetts of 15 degrees or below most nights/weekends.
Now I'm pretty good about working in harsh conditions and often do so w/o heat when it's in the 20s-30s here, that's just how it is in the Northeast. But teens and below was a real problem. All my paints congealed and kept plugging the screens, and my fingers were stiff then just numb. Trust me you guys do not want me sending those pieces out :)
So here's some pics from this morning showing progress on this series (all hand-pulled), now drying. I'll do up another batch later today and tomorrow, then trim them and get those tubes out. I thank you in advance for your patience.

I think the folks that opted for the hand-finished originals will be pretty happy. Here's one of 'em, still needs trimming:

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