Saturday, January 16, 2010

Digital Lover 1

This is part of a new series I'm working on, having a lot of fun so far with the theme.

Two versions (hand-deckled, edition of twenty and hand-finished original, edition of five) of this image will be available Tuesday 1/26 @ 8pm ET in my store. Both versions are hand-pulled by me.
UPDATE - These are sold out.


King Megatrip said...

this one looks good!

aelhra said...


King Megatrip said...

will you have it done and printed in time for the next Boston Comic Con?

aelhra said...

Three months from now? Oh yeah, I should have several fine art versions of this and others in the series for Boston Comic-Con. Multiple screens, hand-painted, collaged, on canvas, etc.

I started the print edition this weekend, it will be a small run of 20 or so and will be offered in my storefront - Most of my editions sell out online, so I don't think I'll have any left for Boston.