Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Surprise

These are officially available tomorrow but mailing list friends get first crack at them now.
Go check 'em out and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for a great 2010 and let's all look forward to an even better 2011 :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mind Over Matter

This is a little something my friends at Mama's Sauce Print and Design and I did together.

Mind Over Matter represents the artist taking nonlinear creative concepts and actualizing them in physical terms. In other words, translating the mind's ether into something the rest of us can see, touch, and hang on the wall. This is what we do, and it's something I always struggle with, boiling the "thing of it" down that much yet still retaining the conceptual essence.
I released these December 2009 and sold out immediately. Nick over at Mama's just put a few up, so if you missed out the first time go get em now!

NEW ART - Digital Lover 3, Leopard

NEWS Digital Lover 3 is the much-delayed new entry in the series. And if you liked last month's Leopard serigraph, you're going to love these Leopard paintings, they came out even better than expected; some of my best this year. Release details below.
NEWS New England art fans...advance notice - I'll be appearing at Boston Comic Con, end of April 2011. The 2010 show was fabulous, tons of cool guests and artwork. And me :)
Looks like this one will be even bigger, details here.
NEWS As my schedule allows I am now open to private commissions. Yes, it's true - you can art direct me :)
Drop a line - - for further details...

Lover 3

18 X 24 inches
hand-pulled serigraph
hand-deckled paper
signed/numbered/stamped edition of 20

Hand-Finished Original*
18 X 24 inches
hand-pulled, hand-painted original w/serigraph
hand-deckled paper
signed/numbered/stamped edition of 5

*Each one will be very different with considerable hand-painted/finished characteristics.


I'm offering several of these on the full sheet uncut, each uniquely hand-painted.
Expect a lot of variation on these!

22 X 30 inches
hand-painted on Strathmore 140lb watercolor paper
signed/stamped original

UPDATE - all editions are sold out.