Friday, May 22, 2009

My first Gig Poster

I'm working on it right now.

Background grooves by a band probably most of you have never heard of.


Great album - The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye, serious early 80s guitar shredding.

Joshua was fastest guitar in the West in 1982.

As for the poster, still under wraps, more to come. It's not for Joshua!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Alessandro Biffignandi

One of my favorite Italian pulp artists! There's a nice selection of his original paintings (all from private collections) on This guy's covers are probably the only reason many of these magazines sold - the interior art was typically very amateurish.

Here's a nice bio, and another shorter one.

Heritage Illustration Art Auction

If you're into vintage pulp, paperback and magazine art - this is the sale for you! Over three hundred lots, all original art. If this is like past Heritage sales, there will be some sleepers that sell cheap.
Get your (online) bidding paddles ready - bidding begins June 26th, with lots closing July 15-16, 2009.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Long Time, No Blog (aka Eight Months of Updates!)

Last time I wrote here it was September and the future President was far from determined. Here we are 8 months (!) or so later. The US broad economy, housing, and unemployment are all still problem areas. Time will tell if the measures President Obama and his party have pushed through will have the desired long-term effect. Personally I fear the huge uptick in future taxation.
Art. Now that's something I can always blog about - more fun and less frustrating than politics. Since my last post of 2008 I've opened a storefront and released all sorts of new prints. Those of you that enjoyed working with my buddies at Medusa Expression can still get my prints there but now you can also go direct with me!
Here's what you (probably) missed:

Okay, that brings up to date. I'll have some "coming soon" news soon!