Monday, May 11, 2009

Long Time, No Blog (aka Eight Months of Updates!)

Last time I wrote here it was September and the future President was far from determined. Here we are 8 months (!) or so later. The US broad economy, housing, and unemployment are all still problem areas. Time will tell if the measures President Obama and his party have pushed through will have the desired long-term effect. Personally I fear the huge uptick in future taxation.
Art. Now that's something I can always blog about - more fun and less frustrating than politics. Since my last post of 2008 I've opened a storefront and released all sorts of new prints. Those of you that enjoyed working with my buddies at Medusa Expression can still get my prints there but now you can also go direct with me!
Here's what you (probably) missed:

Okay, that brings up to date. I'll have some "coming soon" news soon!

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