Friday, May 4, 2012

NEW ART - LIE 6 prints, Hot Collage paintings

NEWS Did you really think the LIEs and conspiracies were over? Aw..c'mon!
The Civil War was all about ending slavery, right? Wrong.
Like most good mystery stories you've got to follow the money to find the truth. Only at the point that wealthy northern businessmen were balking at a new round of ever-higher taxes to pay for continuing the economic war with the South was the Emancipation Proclamation rolled out. It presented a moral case for the war to replace the failing economic case.  At least according to some folks. Now, 150 years later, only one story is told..the one where Abraham Lincoln and the North fought for all men to be equal.
Some of you may also find it interesting to note that the last two Presidents to have the federal government directly issue money instead of a private banking cartel were...assassinated. Yes, that's Abraham Lincoln and his Greenbacks and JFK and his United States Notes. Both types of notes were direct obligations (aka debt) of the US Government to those that possessed them. In contrast most other types of notes issued in America the last two hundred years were private bank debt that carried interest payable back to that bank. Not the holder and not the government. This is exactly how our Federal Reserve Notes have worked since 1914. Bankers love a good monopoly and truly despise competition.
Don't believe me?...Google is your friend :)
NEWS Hey that Dead Rockstars thing was a ton of fun. Totally thrilled to be invited back for Blunt's July Dragons Fury event!
NEWS More shows! Working out how to get my art in front of the NY crowd. Cool stuff going down in Brooklyn..details to follow when finalized :)
NEWS Rich @ Blank Space has my new Otaku print on hand...if you dig ero manga and sexy Japanese girls..go get 'em!
NEWS Whew. Another Boston Comicon has come and gone. Had a great time and then slept for two days straight. Hello to all my new friends and thanks for stopping by and chatting!
NEWS I've got room to accept a few commission requests. If you have an idea you'd like run thru the 'aelhra filter' drop me a line to discuss...

LIE 6 (Regular)
18 X 24 inches
signed & numbered edition of 30
$20 sold out

LIE 6 (Hand-Deckled)
18 X 24 inches
signed & numbered edition of 10
$30 sold out

Hot Collage (Original)
18 X 24 inches 
hand-painted on watercolor paper 
signed/stamped original
$55 sold out

All new art available Tuesday - May 8th - at 8pm :)

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