Thursday, December 2, 2010

NEW ART - Digital Lover 3, Leopard

NEWS Digital Lover 3 is the much-delayed new entry in the series. And if you liked last month's Leopard serigraph, you're going to love these Leopard paintings, they came out even better than expected; some of my best this year. Release details below.
NEWS New England art fans...advance notice - I'll be appearing at Boston Comic Con, end of April 2011. The 2010 show was fabulous, tons of cool guests and artwork. And me :)
Looks like this one will be even bigger, details here.
NEWS As my schedule allows I am now open to private commissions. Yes, it's true - you can art direct me :)
Drop a line - - for further details...

Lover 3

18 X 24 inches
hand-pulled serigraph
hand-deckled paper
signed/numbered/stamped edition of 20

Hand-Finished Original*
18 X 24 inches
hand-pulled, hand-painted original w/serigraph
hand-deckled paper
signed/numbered/stamped edition of 5

*Each one will be very different with considerable hand-painted/finished characteristics.


I'm offering several of these on the full sheet uncut, each uniquely hand-painted.
Expect a lot of variation on these!

22 X 30 inches
hand-painted on Strathmore 140lb watercolor paper
signed/stamped original

UPDATE - all editions are sold out.

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